Thank You emails get a Grade of “F”…………

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May 17 2012

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Sending a card or letter via the postal service is becoming a lost art.  I have noticed more and more people want to do everything online.  When you are involved in a job search you need to go the extra mile to show you are willing to do more that the next person to put the best foot forward.  When you finally land that interview you want to make a lasting, positive impression. You take the time to prepare your hair, makeup and clothes for a positive image.  But do you take the time after the interview to continue the positive image?  I always recommend mailing a thank you card.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy.  You should pick up some blank note cards at the local drug store.  Immediately following the interview hand wirte the thank you card and mail it.  The idea is you are trying to extend your interview to the next day and you are trying sell yourself.  Use the thank you card as another attempt to sell the attributes and skills you bring to the table.  I am providing some samples that you can use, customize and improve on to make them better.

1) Thanks for the opportunity to discuss the _____role with (your company). I believe my (A) and (B) skills, combined with significant (C) and (D) experience, would be an asset to your team. I look forward to future discussions to learn how I can contribute to your organization’s goals. Sincerely,

2) I very much enjoyed our conversation about the _____________ opportunity on your team. After our time together, I’m even more enthusiastic about how my experience can make a measurable impact on your department, and hope to hear from you in the near future. Best regards,

3) It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday to learn about the ___________ position with (your company). I am very interested in learning more and continuing our conversation. I feel my background is a strong fit for your team. Thanks for the opportunity to meet, and I look forward to hearing from you. Very truly yours,

4) I truly appreciate the time you shared yesterday to talk about the _____ role with your company. Your insights about the position were very helpful, and I hope to have the opportunity to further continue our dialogue and learn more about a career with (your company). Thanks and regards,

5) Thank you for our interview this week; the time and insight you shared were very much appreciated. After our meeting, I’m even more enthusiastic about the _____________ opportunity with your company, and know that my experience and background would allow me to quickly make a contribution to your team. I look forward to future discussions with (your company). Thanks again,